Beginner Piano: Morley College
Teacher is calm and methodical.

Great course, great teacher. I never thought I would make so much progress – I couldn’t play the piano at all only a couple of months ago!

I started and completed the course, having had two failed attempts with other teachers in the past.

Clear and supportive teaching which has been excellent and a lot of fun.

Good variety of music chosen, mix of activities and good pace of learning

Excellent teaching – sense of achievement and lot of fun.  It has been a wonderful course.

Tutor was awesome – positive and patient but also pushed you to achieve more

Aural Training: Morley College

Learnt a lot and enjoyed my time doing it. Very well taught.

Terrific teaching by Selena – very helpful, informative and inspiring.

Supportive, encouraging and thorough approach to learning.

Excellent methodical teaching using interesting material well geared to the needs of students.

I have achieved my goals as a result of very good teaching.

The concepts are explained in simple terms, broken right down, making it very easy to grasp.

Teacher is sympathetic, enthusiastic, well-prepared, inclusive, helpful. I’m learning the content of the course in a happy environment with much laughter.

Patient way of building up knowledge. Very encouraging to people at all levels.

The course tied together many aspects of ear training and theory and is very helpful for my instrumental playing. The tutor is extremely knowledgeable and able to cater with any questions thrown at her.

Introduction to Piano: Morley College

The tutor was excellent- it made me want to learn more piano. The teaching was tremendous! Loved it.

I liked how logical and step by step I was, so by the end you’d learnt a lot but also understood how it all fitted together.

I like the structure and pace of the lessons and the excellent teaching – clear, encouraging, and enabling a degree of success in each lesson.

The teacher was focused and had obvious skill and talent to teach at a very beginner level.

The keyboard layout, finger exercises, and learning to play melodies were made simple and understandable.

Good clear explanations and a lot of ground covered. Tutor very well organised!

I learnt really useful practise techniques and felt everything was pitched at the right level. The explanations were simple to understand and the tutor was approachable and helpful.

Kodály Method: City Lit

The tutor’s approach was very conducive to creating a musical environment.

Calm, reflective, supportive, encouraging, and the material was well-paced.

Very skillful in dealing with different levels of experience and different musical backgrounds.

Method of teaching kept our attention and interest.